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Tadika "U" Bestari Official

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Our goal is to build children with good "akhlaq", love Allah, respect parents, confident, intelligent and lovable.


Islamic Motivational Pre-school with English & Arabic as our main medium of communication. Bringing the next generation succss dunia & akhirat insyaAllah

Tadika U Bestari was established in 2002 by husband and wife team Tn Hj Mohamad Zainuddin bin Hj Abu Bakar and Pn Hajah Umi Salamah Binti Hj. Zainal Abidin. Tn Hj Mohamad Zainuddin is a lawyer and motivational speaker and currently runs Messrs Mohamad Zainuddin & Co. Pn Hjh Umi Salamah holds a Degree in Business Administration from UIA and is currently the Principal Of Tadika U Bestari. With great support from family members, hard working teachers, passion and love for children, Tadika U Bestari stands where it is today.

Events & Activities
The purpose of events and activities is to give colours to the kids' life in school. Activities make them alive and creative.

1) Sports - takes place in Feb/March. We have pom-pom presentation, games for year 4,5,6 and parents too.
2)Musical Theatre - takes place in August/September. Kids look forward to this. There is Pantun Competition for Year 5 and English Story Competition for Year 6. Year 4 will do special presentation. This is public speaking competition!
3) Class Photography - takes place in September.
4) Convocation & Awards Giving - takes place in October/November. Whoever puts effort in their studies will be rewarded.
5) Study Trip - takes place in November. Its outing day with teachers.
6) Childrens' Day - takes place on last day of school. We have games and everybody comes in beautiful colours.