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Target Fitness PJ

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Target Fitness is a your passport to get fit, toned and sculpted


Our Dedicated Coaches

Ammetta Malhotra Bergin

  • Ammetta who is the proprietor of Target Fitness has been in the fitness industry for twenty years. 
  • She graduated with a second upper honours degree from University Malaya and at the ripe age of twenty six opened her own aerobic studio offering an array of aerobic classes. 
  • Ammetta believes in constant updating and makes sure she attends a number of fitness courses each year to keep herself abreast with the latest in fitness. 

Brendan James Bergin  

  • Brendan is one of the few podiatrist in Malaysia and specialises in foot and ankle care. 
  • He is a Consultant at Twin Towers Medical Centre (KLCC) and Sunway Medical. 
  • He provides after hours consultation at Target Fitness and is invaluable when it comes to designing programmes for clients. 


  • Jayaraj has ten years of fitness experience under his belt. 
  • He specialises in KettleBell training, High Intensity Interval Training and body weight metabolic training. 
  • He is our teens Boot Camp specialist and creates safe and awesome programmes to aid in fat loss and enhance fitness capabilities.

Nafeez Khausar

  • Nafeez is our Strength Training and Body Building specialist.
  • He will run down step by step the basics of lifting and building a muscular body.
  • Expect to be able to do a proper three to four day a week strength training programme working all body parts.