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TGS academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To provide diverse learning opportunity through a variety of quality activities and programmes.


TGS Academy team is committed of delivering a professional, fun and practical musical education for both classical and contemporary.

We are mainly concern on music education to offer a wide range of music courses/ lessons with fun and different learning experiences. Starting from individual lesson to group/ ensemble/ band, followed by various performances to ensure the application of learning, until the last stage to produce your own music demo.


Courses/ programmes available 课程介绍:
1. Acoustic guitar 原声吉他 (民谣)
2. Piano 钢琴
3. Violin 小提琴
4. Vocal 声乐
5. Drums 鼓
6. Bass 贝斯 (低音吉他)
7. Electric guitar 电子吉他
8. Keyboard 电子键盘
9. Classical guitar 古典吉他
10. Theory 乐理
11. Aural 伴音
12. Accompaniment Piano 钢琴伴奏
13. Ukulele 乌克丽丽
14. Children Programme 小孩音乐课程
15. Band Coordination 乐团协调
17. Audio Production 录音制作
18. And more! 更多!