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The Cooking House

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stand for our beliefs and actions.


The Cooking House offers one-stop innovative solutions to F&B companies. With its years of experience and wealth of knowledge from an extensive pool of skillful chefs, we are able to help you develop or revamp your brand or product, complete with an effective operating system and an impressive brand identity. As one of Malaysia's few full-fledged service provider, we are specialized in branding and perfection to taste and products with premium quality. We have gained a reputation for our industry-focused, targeted marketing approach that delivers tangible results. We help companies test and develop recipes, conduct cooking demonstrations, plan and execute marketing activities supported by recruitment, training, graphic and media support services.

Our objectives stand for our beliefs and actions. They reflect our dedication, commitment and assurance to offer nothing but the best and help us effectively guide our clients to attain their goals.

- Recipes Development & Chefs Demonstration Service
- Design of Marketing Promotional Materials, Photography and Publication
- Planning and Execution of Special Events, Roadshows, Trade Exhibitions, Food Festival and Other F&B Promotions
- Services Catered to Both Local and International Companies Who Want to Penetrate Into Malaysian Market
- Copywriting and Editorial Service