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The Language Tree Kuala Lumpur

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

We aim to equip you to be able to understand the people, customs, mindset, and habits so you can build your network in China.


The Language Tree specialises in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language and our programmes are communication focussed and interactive

Our trainers are qualified and trained native speakers who teach Standard Mandarin (Putonghua)using syllabus from China. Our materials from China were developed in Beijing and cater specially for those learning Mandarin as a Foreign Language. As such it has been extremely effective in developing the communication skill-set amongst non-native Chinese speakers in a very short period of time.

We run separate programmes for adults and children as our content is age relevant.

Our focus is on practical usage of the language and we are not exam oriented. However, we do believe in measuring our students’ proficiency and letting them know where they are.

Once they are more proficient we prepare them for external exams like YCT (Youth Chinese Test) for children or HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) for teenagers and adults, which is the Chinese proficiency tests for foreigners designed by Han Ban, the Chinese Language governing body in China. We are an authorized exam centre.