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The Little Tree House

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To create an exciting and inspiring learning environment that encourages children to develop a love for learning


At The Little Tree House, we believe that learning should occur in a fun, meaningful, interactive, real and holistic way. We aim to nurture children under our care to become all-rounders that cherish learning. We recognize that children learn best through hands-on and meaningful activities. A range of structured and unstructured; active and quiet; self-directed and adult-initiated learning opportunities are implemented through individual, small group and large group activities. The curriculum is designed based on the needs and capacities of young children, where each unique child’s learning styles and interests are respected. This supports them to develop holistically – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually, leading them to become lifelong learners

At The Little Tree House, children play, learn, interact, and grow in a nurturing environment. We ensure that every child is given authentic learning experiences, providing them a platform to develop a love for learning. Children will be equipped with essential knowledge, skills and dispositions for formal schooling, be it a National, Private or International School. The Little Tree House is also a place to foster children’s love of reading. Children get access to a wide range of print and digital reading materials that are trilingual. They not only acquire academic knowledge, but also appreciate these media for enriching personal interest and lifelong learning.