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Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Train you to archieve ur fitness goal, from zero to hero


We are the pioneer of Malaysia MMA, and combat sports.

Our coaches are pro fighters, Pro referee that had fought actively since 2006 till now.

90% of our members come to us without any basic and we had successful archieve their goal. We even have a few champion in our academy.

Free 1 trial class if you book it.



Reviews and Ratings

Cross Chen
17 Jun 2016
"A great place to learn MMA in Malaysia... i am glad that such place exist in Johor, in other country it would have cost alot more than what u paid for to learn. Great environment and great and friendly mentor.. after awhile it feels more like a place where everyone is a FAMILY... Thanks.. GREAT GYM and please continue the hardwork"
Kyle Lim Chee Chean
02 Jul 2015
"Good coach ,Good training, No pain no gain, fight for yourself not others"
Jing Yi Chong
02 Jul 2015
"The place call home"
Kb Lim
02 Jul 2015
"Knowledgeable and experienced Coach, fully equipped, friendly environment, Mr Bear and Mr Document. 100%.genuinely badass gym"