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Uncle Raymond e-Tuition

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

Bringing out the best from our students


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Why We Can Help You and Why We’re Better Than Others? 



1. One class consists of a small number of students only. 
在一班里拥有少量的学生 .

2. We have experienced, kind and patient teacher to teach the students. 
我们是有经验,善良和拥有耐心教导学生的老师 .

3. Besides educate the students, we teach them about discipline and manners as well.
除了教学,我们还教导学生纪律与礼貌 .



Who Is Uncle Raymond?

  Uncle Raymond: 
1. Has more than 10 years of teaching experience. 
拥有10年以上的教学经验 .

2. Is an author of several books which is sold all over the world. 
是一名向全世界卖了好几本书的作者  .

3. Has a degree holder of Material Physics. 

4. Was a principal of a kindergarten. 
曾经是幼稚园的园长 .

5. Is a writer of 2 motivational blogs. 
是两个激励部落格的作家 .

6. Understand children and students’ psychology. 
了解小朋友们的思想 .