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Village Art Enrichment Corner

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To nurture the developmental and artistic growth of learners through creative expression and self-guided learning.


By encouraging experimentation and discovery in a supportive environment, Village Art Enrichment Corner is a place filled with possibilities, where learners (both children and adults) can collaborate, explore, and grow. Art helps one become a more rounded and cultured human being. Creating a piece of art can make a person find something in themselves that they have not seen before, regardless if they have "talent" or not.

Our focus is not on end products, but rather on the process. We emphasize on process orientated art experience. We provide instruction in the use of art materials and techniques. However, the focus will be on teachers guiding students through the creative process to support each child's individual style of visual expression. Rather than simply following directions to come out with prescribed art "products," children in our classes learn to trust their own creative impulses.

Children Creative Art and Craft is for children age from 4 -12 years old, children are invited to explore a wide range of art and craft process, such as drawing, painting, handiwork, ceramic and etc.  

Secondary Art is for teenagers age from 13 - 17 years old. They are invited to explore and understand the art techniques in depth. Learners are expected to master the use of the art materials.

Adult Hobby Class is for adults who are interested to pick up some interesting skills or lessons after mundane working hours. They can learn Chinese Ink Printing, Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Ceramic and etc. At the same time, they can learn how to appreciate art. 

Other than providing art classes, Village Art Enrichment Corner encourages everyone to learn something that can enrich their life. We provide classes such as yoga for adults, computer art and design, photoshop illustrator. 



Reviews and Ratings

Pei Ting
02 Jan 2016
"I spent 6 years from 12 years old to Form 5 at Village Art. It is my sanctuary away from formal school work as I can explore and play with art and painting as much as I want. I was assigned work that interests me as well as teaches me new skills, and there is no set formula, catered to individual interests and ability. Being in the centre itself with all its creativity on every surface is rejuvenating and inspiring. I have known Mr Yap and Miss Teoh for a long time and they are passionate and compassionate teachers. I would recommend any child interested in art to their centre"