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VRC Badminton Training Centre-Center Photo
VRC Badminton Training Centre

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To Improve Skills of Badminton Enthusiasts


From passion and love of the game of badminton, we took advantage to transfer it through badminton coaching to those badminton enthusiasts who felt that they needed to improve.   Badminton is one of the fastest, most physically, skillful and entertaining sports.

Being a former Malaysia level representative, I have grouped a few others with the same level and formed a panel of badminton coaches under the banner of “VRC Badminton Training Centre”.  (VRC Badminton Training centre). 

VRC Badminton Training centre has been providing coaching services to badminton trainees since 2006.  



Reviews and Ratings

Peng Boon Goi
01 Dec 2015
"Good thing that they have a few trainer and assistant helping out ... So more chances to get more training"