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Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

iǎo Yā Zi - Mandarin Learn & Play is a private tutoring


“Xiǎo Yā Zi Mandarin learn and play” is an integrated curriculum to equip your children with speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in Mandarin.

Xiǎo Yā Zi - Mandarin Learn & Play is a private tutoring program for children below 12 years old to gain the necessary skills to Speak, Read and Write in Mandarin. We focus on the young to develop strong fundamentals with accurate tonal punctuality.

We focus on small groups so that we could focus on the needs of the child individually.

Because our Master tutor is from native China, our classes are held in English.

Our programs

We offer structured and personalized Mandarin classes to pre-schoolers and elementary school kids. It is an integrated curriculum, and there are two groups available: pre-school (for 4-6 year olds) and elementary (7-10 year olds). Our programs develop the Mandarin language skills through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar, where the speaking will be main focus. Our learning approaches utilize various entertaining but most importantly educational activities like Chinese stories, games, role play as well access to a library of multimedia resources to let our kids learn and have fun doing it. The leaning materials include text books, workbooks and other supplementary materials, which are carefully selected and specially designed for the beginners to pick up the language as quickly as possible. We focus on not just learning the language but immerse the children in the environment of the language, just the way they teach in China. Thus giving them a sense of idea on how the language works. 

Profile of the teacher:

• Native mandarin language speaker
• Masters degree holder
• Diploma in Chinese literature 
• Certified teacher (China)
• 6 years teaching experience from kids to adults in Malaysia and China.
• Holder of Certificate of PU TONG HUA SHUI PING CE SHI

Pre-schooler group 

age: 4-6
No of seats available: 5-6, 
Fee: 2400/ term (On average RM 400 per month. Each term lasts 6 months.) 
No of term:3 
Learn materials (compulsory): To be discussed

Elementary group 

age: 7-10
No of seats available: 5-6, 
Fee: 2600/ term (On average RM 440 per month. Each term lasts 6 months.) 
No of term:4 
Learn materials (compulsory): To be discussed

Why so long? 

Some parents might wonder why our learning session is so long. A little info hopefully can clear your mind: 

“Mandarin is notoriously difficult to learn. The language is tonal, and fluency requires mastering thousands of characters. Mandarin competence takes 2,200 class hours, with half of that time spent in a country where it's spoken, according to the U.S. State Department's Foreign Service Institute, whereas Spanish can be learned in 600 to 750 class hours.” (by R.L.G. from Economists)

Our program will only take around 300 hours to complete, whereby the kids are expected to reach intermediate level, but whatever it is, only practice makes perfect.

The core strengths of our programs:
• A structured program based from several award winning methodologies.
• The teacher is qualified native mandarin language speaker with 6 years of teaching experience.
• We build strong fundamentals with your child through time tested methods.
• Immerse familiarization with mandarin language and the culture surrounds it.
• We create a strong environment of the language through practice.
• The class frequency would definitely encourage practice.

Time table

Each group has two sessions per week, two hours per session*

Pre-schooler group: 

Either Tuesday & Thursday 3-5 pm Or Monday & Wednesday 3-5 pm

Elementary group:

Either Monday & Wednesday 8-10 pm Or Tuesday & Friday 8-10 pm

*tentative class schedule will be announced later on. 

January 2014 intake, registration open now. 

Plant the seeds for a better future to your child today. Your children have a potential to go as far as they can, but ONLY YOU can decide to give them with a little head start to a better future. 

So why wait? Only limited seats are available. Hurry!!!