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Yoga Deep "Neo Hatha Teacher Training" is a combination of Ancient Yogic principles and Modern science.

1.   Neo Hatha uses Organic Postural Adjustment. We regard Mr,Tinbergen a noble prize winner in 1973 who spoke about postural therapy. He presented his views based on his personal experience that Right posture will bring health and healing .

"Neo Hatha is a Healing and Therapy based technique and Workout that aims to restore a more neutral posture for yogis.The aim of this training is to allow Yoga Practitioner to find a neutral position in the knees pelvis, spine, rib cage and Skull. Finding a more neutral position will allow injured areas of the body to heal faster and more efficiently. Postural adjustment with Yoga Asanas is a unique way .Yoga Teachers and therapists with this specific Technique can help a Yogi and patients to use their body in a more balanced state.

Neo Hatha can helpful to you and your students in many ways few are here .

The following are some common symptoms that Neo Hatha Posture Adjustment therapy would be used to help treat: 

  • Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath 
  • The feeling of being "out of alignment" Hip, pelvic, low back pain Abdominal, chest wall, Rib cage
  • Cervical pain, Lower and middle Backache or headaches, Knee and foot injuries 
  • Stress related problems 
  • To Bring Strength and flexibility to the all body muscles and lubricate the joints.
  • To understand the mind and comes out from its negative patterns.

2.  Neo Hatha is a Breath Base Teacher training . Your breath will Guide you towards the Right Posture . Important aspect of postural Adjustment is the importance of breathing with the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a muscle in the abdominal cavity that contracts during the inhalation phase of breathing. When an individual has a posture that is imbalanced their rib cage and spine are in a position that does not allow them to correctly use the diaphragm during breathing. Improper breathing with the diaphragm leads to other muscles being over used to assist in breathing. This leads to muscle stress and injury.
We will Guide you to enter into the posture with awareness of breath and meditative way that your yoga practice and teaching will lead you towards the One ness . Which is the real message of Patanjali "Yogasch Chiita Vritti nirodha " Yoga Mean Cessation Of Mind . 

We Know that yoga has a lot to offer in this century to the human beings,but a help of scientific anatomy ,physiology and psychology will help to enrich a person to be a better and more up to date yoga teacher .Our aim is to find a right point where the best of east and the best of west can meet each other to create a beautiful synthesis,a ground to grow into the inner world and outer world together.

Most of our graduates came in with lots of questions and doubts. Along with the questions, came fear and inferiority. Everybody experiences fear one way or another and fear is the biggest obstacle from one getting closer to success. This training helps you to face your fears and overcome them in life and to become a successful yoga teacher. Most of us have self doubt and insecurity thinking that we are not good enough, not flexible enough, not making enough money or do not have time etc. We are constantly making excuses for ourselves which in turn prevents us from reaching to our full potential and hold us back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills we might have, to help us overcome our problems. By using yoga ancient studies and techniques, you will learn how to eliminate your excuses and face your fears 



  • Pleasure, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Celebration.
  • Freedom From Physical problems and limitations.
  • Freedom From stress and tension .
  • Freedom from future and past.Enjoy the present .



Reviews and Ratings

Ee Lee Ong
02 Jul 2015
"Any Tom, Dick & Harry can practice & teach asana. The modern world has become obsessed with asana that they forget that it is merely one of the many limbs of yoga. For those seeking the true essence of yoga - yoga as a way of life - Deep is the right person to go to. Don't have to go India loh, Teacher Deep bring India to you loh. Hahahahah..."
Ling Chian
02 Jul 2015
"One can practice yoga for years with no improvement. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years, yet, it is through Deep that I have gained better understanding of yoga. Deep, with his wide exposure of various yoga path, has helped me to understand my body better, and find the right way for me to practice yoga. I enjoy attending Deep's class, as he is very willing to share his knowledge in his humorous way. If you are looking for fun way to deepen your yoga knowledge, come to Deep's class."
Wendy Lam
02 Jul 2015
"Enjoy Deep's classes so much"
Jade Tcg
02 Jul 2015
"Want to be a yoga teacher to share your passions but not too sure where to start? Well, look no further, Deep Yoga Teacher Training Centre is the right place to begin your journey! I signed up for the 200 hours yoga teacher training course early this year to learn about the various limbs of yoga and had enjoyed the course tremendously. Deep is without a doubt a truly amazing teacher who is dedicated and well rounded when it comes to yoga. I learned so much while I was under his tutelage, in every yoga aspect. Last but not least, the camaraderie I share with my fellow course mate during and after the course really light up my life, this is a truly overwhelming experience! Namaste!"
Lay Meng Shio
02 Jul 2015
"I am glad to have joined the Yoga Training course conducted by the teacher Deep in Feb 2015. I am truly amazed how much I have learned in such a very short period of time knowing the technic of teaching in a meticulous way. I love it. I have gained incredible knowledge where my heart and mind is more open and I feel the tranquility within myself. If you are looking for person who is highly dedicated and motivated in teaching Yoga, I personally would recommend Teacher Deep as he has the innovation with a positive mind attitude to make people belief and understanding living being."
Su Vaghasia
02 Jul 2015
"Deep, thank you very much for everything! The Pranayama and Meditation course was more than what I had expected..the classroom experience, filled with easy to understand theory and detailed practical exercises, was something that I had always been looking for. Plus the fun, laughter and joy aspects, made this course an amazing experience for me. Thank you again, Deep..namaste."
Goh Soo Mou
02 Jul 2015
"Who am i.... Who are You... I am just a living thing at this PRESENT moment. Yoga is not only a physical exercise but a healing breathing yoga Pranayama, it healed my injured soul. Without a lot of motivational words, I have entered into a new life of breathing , spreading love and positive thoughts to people around me. I am thankful to Premo Deep that made this happened in the PRESENT."
Catherine Reynauld
02 Jul 2015
"Deep is one of the best yoga teachers around. His yoga philosophy is profound and comes from the very core of the original yoga taught by the old yogis in India. If you go to his class you will leave it feeling peaceful, happy, energised and at one with yourself and the universe."
Cindii Ng
02 Jul 2015
"At first, YOGA = postures. After taking the course, I'm not only able to do the advance postures, I've learned and found something new in stead!!! To me, YOGA is to be "BALANCE" in all the way. Each individual hv their own and different balancing, we need to find that very formula out which leads us to the happiness life! Thank you Deep, my great and fun teacher sooo much for guiding me to this very important chapter of my life. Namaste"