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Zest Martial Arts Academy - Kota Damansara-Center Photo
Zest Martial Arts Academy - Kota Damansara

Teaching Subjects

Our Mission

To teach pure and original Taekwon-do and thereby to promote the sport and its values in Malaysia.


International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF)

ITF Taekwon-do is good for adult and children. It help to release stress, train up your reflection, build up body coordination, high awareness and many more.

ITF Taekwon-do train Pattern , Sparring, self defense and others.

* Fuel Studio (Zest Team - Kota Damansara) Classes in ZestMA is conducted by qualified instructor/members recognized by: Zest Martial Arts Academy - MO #427 http://www.itf-administration.com/organisations/?id=90514

*Classes are led by Mr.Aaron Chong (4th degree black belt) with more then 10 years experience in teaching children and adult of all ages. This class is well equipped, in a wide and child friendly space. Creative child friendly games and activities are constantly used to teach children traditional techniques and skill. This approach is fun and targets to encourage your child to be motivated and energetic in class. This class centres on children in primary school and also targets social, teamwork and interactive skills with peers. Most importantly this class would teach discipline and self-control.

Time and Day

  • Wednesday - 9.30pm - 10.30pm (adult)
  • Saturday  - 8.30am-10am (all belt)
  • Sunday - 9am-10.30am (junior class)
  • Sunday - 10.30- 12pm (senior class/adult class)