Frequently Asked Questions


What's AOne?

AOne is one of Asia’s first online marketplaces where lesson providers (instructors and institutions) and learners can list, browse and book for offline lessons. We also serve as an online directory for learning institutions in your region. Whether it is a tuition center, swimming school, bakery school, private yoga group, you can find it on AOne!

We love to connect anyone who wishes to teach and anyone with a desire to learn.

Are the lessons on AOne conducted online or offline?

Most of the lessons are offline, unless the instructors are selling their online tutoring package using Skype or

What types of lessons are offered on AOne?

AOne offers wide range of lessons, including home tutoring, sports, music and dance, martial arts, art and design, technology and personal development. If there's a particular category of lessons you like to see, do not hesitate to let us know by email us at


Who are the instructors from AOne?

The lessons listed in AOne are taught by certified and experienced trainers, teachers, tutors, instructors, mentors, chefs and coaches, as well as passionate individuals who want to share their experience and knowledge. We believe in “Anyone Can Teach, Everyone Can Learn”.

Although AOne does not restrict anyone from becoming an instructor, we are very strict on the quality of lessons these instructors may offer. In the event of any complaints or dispute regarding the lessons from our instructors, we will do serious investigation and will not hesitate to remove the lessons and ban the instructor from our listing.

Are these instructors real?

Definitely! We will verify the contact details of every registered instructor in AOne. Suspicious registrations will be removed immediately.

Why should I book my lessons on AOne?

Booking through AOne gives you the following benefits:

  1. Safety
    We have your booking details on the lessons you avail of. This information will be helpful for us if there are any disputes and disagreements as between the learner and lesson provider.

  2. Convenience
    AOne provides a one-stop platform for all learning and teaching activities in your area. Therefore you can compare the lessons offered by many instructors/institutions at the same time, and make your choice at your convenience.

  3. Contribute to the community
    You have the chance to give a 5-star to your instructor or institution if you love your lessons or 1-star if you do not recommend the lessons to other learners. Your review will definitely help other learners to make a better choice, and also for your instructor to give the World-Class lesson for you!

How am I charged for this service?

It is totally FREE to create an account with AOne. You can browse and look for instructors and institutions and contact them online for lessons.

Can I communicate with or interview the instructors?

You may send and receive messages from instructors or institution using AOne messaging service to discuss about the details of the lesson. However, you are forbidden to disclose any contact information, including phone number, email address, social media, or/and websites that will lead to contact information through this service. All messages will be monitored by our admin team.

Your contact details and the instructor’s will be exchanged (via email) once the booking is confirmed.

If I wish to book a lesson, how much upfront payment should I pay?

You need to pay 20% of the total fees as an upfront payment via AOne’s secure online payment. We use PayPal to handle all payment transactions. However, you do not need to have an account with PayPal to use this service. Payment can be made via major credit cards and debit cards as well.

PayPal serves as one of the safest online payment solutions available so the payment process is absolutely secure. For more information, you may visit PayPal official website (

How about another 80% of the fees?

You need to pay another 80% of the total fees directly to the instructor or institution during the first lesson.

Do the package fees include rental of equipment and location, reference books and cd, etc.?

Some instructors or institutions will include the rental of equipment and facility, or reference books within the fee, but others might not.

All pricing information is clearly stated on each lesson listed in AOne including the perks included in the fees as well as those are not included in the fees.

What happens after I have made the payment?

After you have made the payment to AOne, you will receive a confirmation email from us, stating the date, time, details, amount to be paid during first lesson and location of the lesson. We highly advise you to print the confirmation email and present it during your first lesson.

What happens if I cannot attend the lesson? Can I transfer to my friend?

Refund of your booking fees (20%) is not available if you are unable to attend the lesson. We highly suggest that you reschedule the lesson in this event. Transfer of the lessons booked to your friends and family will be subjected to the discussion and mutual agreement between you and the lesson provider (instructor or institution). For any further inquiries, you are welcomed to email us at

What if the instructor or institution asks for more money compared to the listing on AOne?

Pricing and fees information are stated clearly on AOne. If you encounter such situation, kindly email us at We will try our best to rectify the situation.

What happens if I pay for a lesson and the instructor cancels or doesn't give any respond?

If the lesson is cancelled prior to its commencement, or if you are unable to get any response from the instructor, email us at and we rectify the situation for you. Do not worry! 100% full refund is available for you within 3 working days after the investigation.

Can I book the lesson for my friends and family?

Definitely! Simply select the number of seats for the lessons you wish to book from the enrollment page.

Should I leave a review for my instructor?

Yes, you should! Your review will help other learners to make better choices, and also for your instructor to give the World-Class lesson to you!

What can I do to ensure my safety during my first meet with the instructor?

Here are some tips:

  1. Meet the instructor at the venue stated in AOne

  2. Protect yourself from scams by using AOne payment system

  3. For outdoor lessons, do not meet in a secluded place

  4. For home tutoring, do make sure you have adults (man better!) at home throughout the first lesson

  5. Let your friends and family know that you are going for a lesson with the instructor. You may keep a copy of the receipt with them

  6. Leave the lesson immediately if you feel threatened in the facility, or with the presence of the instructor.

If you have any problems encountered during your first lesson, do let us know by email us at

Instructor & Learning Institution

What’s the difference between instructor and learning institution?

If you are a freelance instructor or instructor who is having a small group class, you may register your lesson under Instructor Profile to promote your own teaching portfolio.

If you are an institution owner, for instance, the owner of a tuition center or music school, you may register your Institution to promote your learning institution in our community.

How do I get more learners for my lesson?

By using the features in AOne, you can share your profile and lesson package on email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks within a single click. You can also share the page in several Facebook Groups which are relevant to your niche. It will go viral!

Whenever you have a promotion or coupon which you wish to announce to all learners, you may let us know at so we can broadcast your message to our community. Last but not least, as your profile page has a fixed URL, you can also add the link to your business cards!

Why should I list my lesson and receive bookings via AOne?

Listing your lesson package and receiving bookings via AOne gives you the following benefits:

  1. Online presence
    Online presence is very important as nowadays learners like to search online for any lessons available in their area. You do not need to worry about that don’t have a website or there is limited number of people knowing your fan page, we will make your lesson go viral in our community.

  2. Review and rating
    Similar to some hotel booking websites, review and rating are very crucial for your online reputation. It will definitely be a boost to your lesson and your business.

  3. Peace of mind
    Once you have listed your lesson package in AOne, you can sit back and relax. We will spend our money and energy to do the marketing for you.

What will you do to promote my lesson?

Here are some of our marketing strategies to promote your lesson package:

  1. Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.)
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Mobile apps marketing
  4. Newsletter
  5. Search engline optimization (SEO)

and many more!

Can I change the lesson details from time to time?

Definitely yes! You can login to your account and make the changes anytime you want.

How am I charged for this service?

It is absolutely free to sign up an account, list your lessons and communicating on AOne. You will only be charged when a learner hires you or enrolls into your package. AOne will only charge a 20% fee from your lesson package.

We earn only when you earn.

How does the payment procedure works?

Learner will pay a 20% fee based on your lesson package to AOne during their booking. On the first lesson, learner will pay the rest of 80% to you. All payment procedure is clearly shown in learner’s confirmation email.

Can I communicate with learners?

You may send and receive messages from learners using AOne messaging service to discuss about the details of the lesson. However, you are prohibited to disclose any contact information, including phone number, email address, social media, or/and websites that will lead to contact information through this service. All messages will be monitored by our admin team.

When will I know the learner's contact details?

Your contact details and the learner’s will be exchanged (via email) once the booking is confirmed.

Do I need to follow the market rate for my service?

You are strongly advisable to offer your lesson according to the current market rate in order to stand out from the fierce competition. However, you are still eligible to offer any rate according to your experience and qualification. We are serving as a marketplace for you and we won’t give any control on the rate for your lesson.

Can I teach for free?

Yes, you can. But this is only applicable for the charity and community services. Our service is free for you if you wish to do some charity through lessons, for instance, giving private tuition to orphan. We love charity!

Can I ask someone to replace me as the instructor if I can’t make it at the agreed time due to some emergency?

We highly advise you to conduct the lesson at a different date after discuss with the learner, since the learner has chosen you as his/her instructor! This is to secure your rating and review from the learner. However, you may get a replacement for you only if the learner is agreeable.

I do manage a pool of instructors and/or teachers, can I use AOne?

Yes! You may join us as an institution instead of freelance instructor. You can list down the lesson package available in your institution and do arrange the class with your own pool of instructors when there is any booking from learners.

What is the review and rating system?

Similar to some hotel booking websites, review and rating are very crucial for your online reputation. It will boost the sales of your lesson and business, and also give some insights on the quality of the lesson to other learners.

Who can leave a review and rating?

Not everyone can leave their review. Only learners who have enrolled into your lesson through AOne are able to leave a review and rating.

What should I do if I think I receive an unfair review?

You may contact us at and let us know your concern.