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Helena Foo-Instructor Photo
Helena Foo
  • Age : 29 Year(s)
  • Gender : Female
  • Teaching Experience : 8 Year(s)
  • Main Teaching Subject & Topic : Slacklining: The Art of Balance

Teaching Profile

Helena fell in love with movement in 2004 when she directed her first theatre performance "The Shape of Things" at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). After 8 years of professional theatre and having accumulated a total of 20 productions under her belt, Helena left the show business to focus on something more gratifying; teaching.

In 2010, however; Helena experienced a really bad fall which resulted in torn ligaments and a dented bone. She found herself in a wheelchair and  was forced to learn how to walk again on her own two feet. It took her a full year of recuperation to rebuild her muscle strength and the entire experience made her realize how important movement was for her and how much it played a part in her world of creativity.

When Helena discovered slacklining in February, 2013, she was addicted. The simple act of balancing engaged as well as challenged her mentally and physically; and the free style movement on the line gave her a freedom that she had never felt before. This sport has helped her train and strengthen those muscles in her leg and a big part of her mental trauma from the fall has been wiped out, thanks to her new found confidence on the slackline.

Inspired to share the love for slacklining, she began the Slackline KL community to encourage more people to the sport. Combining her passion for theatre, her upgraded balancing skills and her "devil-may-care" attitude, she continues to bring exciting and most riveting slackline performances to audiences, passerbys and pedestrians around KL city.

Qualification ,Certificate and Awards


  • Founder, Manager and Team Athlete for Slackline KL, the only slackline community in Malaysia
  • 3 years slackline and highline experience
  • Member and working volunteer for the International Slackline Association
  • Been teaching slackline classes to kids AND adults for the past 3 years


  • 8 years experience in teaching
  • Experienced in teaching adults AND children age 8 and up
  • Previously taught Speech + Drama, Acting, English, Science and Slacklining
  • Have traveled to every state in Malaysia with Astro's 'Oh My English' roadshow tour teaching and helping rural school children improve their English through means of speech and drama.​


  • Diploma in Performing Arts + Media (Sunway University College, Sept 04' intake)
  • Resident theatre director at klpac for 3 years
  • Working experience in both theatre and film

Past productions as Theatre Director:
1. A Grimm Fairytale (2009)
2. Breathe (2009)
3. I Loved You Once, I Love You Not (2009)
4. Chitra (2008)
5. Short + Sweet Theatre Festival (2008)
6. After Our's (2008)
7. Three. (2008)
8. Al Santos' The System Of Cikgu Tuko (2007)
9. Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters Looking For An Author (2007)
10. Neil Labute's The Shape Of Things (2006)

Past productions as Actor / Performer:
1. New Years Eve Countdown Performance @ SOULed Out, Bangsar South (2014)
2. Red Carnival World AIDS Day @ Berjaya Times Square (2012)
3. Cambodia Pride @ Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2012)
4. The Big Fish @ Nerofico (2012)
5. Celebration! (2010)
6. Women Of Silk River (2010)
7. Breathe (2009)
8. Something Fishy (2006)
9. Three Fat Virgins Unassembled (2006)
10. Cupid Kills (2006)
11. The Sound Of Music (2003)

Teaching Location