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Pang Kang Ning-Instructor Photo
Pang Kang Ning
  • Age : 31 Year(s)
  • Gender : Female
  • Teaching Experience : 7 Year(s)
  • Main Teaching Subject & Topic : Biology

Teaching Profile

A-level Biology

Foundation (eg. MUFY) Biology

SPM Biology

Qualification ,Certificate and Awards

I have been teaching A-level Biology at a local institute for 7 year. I am very familiar with the syllabus and requirements of CIE. Attended CIE Professional Development Course for Biology 9700 and I am a private tutor for GCE A-LEVEL, EDEXCEL A-LEVEL, IGCSE, MUFY and SPM Biology. My teaching approach is depending on every student's needs and also guide students in working out solutions to exam questions. I usually won't provide students with answers directly, instead I will guide them in answering the questions and this helps them in understanding as well as remembering the contents better.  

Teaching Location

Reviews and Ratings

Chung Je
04 Sep 2015
"Ms Pang is a capable teacher who really cares for her students. She always tries her very best to help us out and never give up on her students. She taught me the correct way of studying biology, she is the one who makes me love bio, as her teaching experience will enable her to teach in an interesting way."
Goh Zao Tong
04 Sep 2015
"She is a friendly teacher. Anythings that I really don't understand in study, I can come to her, she will lead me to solve the question and she won't give the answer directly, she led me to think more. Actually I'm not really good in biology and I don't have so much confident, but she gave me hope and taught me a lot, finally I got a good result in my biology. She always prepared all the teaching material before the lesson started. She has a good knowledge in biology, her explanation always clear and easier to understand."
Tang Mei Yik
04 Sep 2015
"Teaching in clear and easy understanding way. Make sure students are understanding concept instead of memorizing. She is friendly and patient in teaching."
Chok Tsern Yig
04 Sep 2015
"Miss Pang is a great tutor! She is knowledgeable. She will try her very best to give explanation whenever you have questions. She makes sure that you understand the current chapter before she proceed to the next chapter. She cares for her students. That is what makes her a great tutor. "