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Terence Wong Chee Lok-Instructor Photo
Terence Wong Chee Lok
  • Age : 23 Year(s)
  • Gender : Male
  • Teaching Experience : 1 Year(s)
  • Main Teaching Subject & Topic : Chinese

Teaching Profile

A tutor that believes in active learning more than passive learning, I prefer to be hands on and coach my student by ensuring that they firstly understand the syllabus before tackling and getting down to do many practices and exercises. For students who are weak in a particular subject, my approach is always to dissect the root causes of the poor results first before proceeding to further drilling. As such, my student will have a proper understanding of his own progression in learning a subject, rather than blindly memorizing facts and figures for the sake of examination grades. As long as my students understand where and the reasons of their mistakes( ie. lack of understanding, careless mistakes), they will be able to tackle all kind of questions with ease. 

Track record includes successfully pulling up an IGCSE student's Mathematics and Physics from a D and an E to sucessful passing grades of B and C for Mathematics and Physics respectively. Besides that, an impromptu request by an IB student of mine to coach him Chemistry has also successfully yielded the results that both of us wanted. After many sessions of intensive coaching, I successfully improved his Chemistry grades from a Fail to a B grade, with a few marks short of an A grade in a short span of 3 months for his school-based assessments. 

Qualification ,Certificate and Awards

GCE A Level and SPM 9As 

American Degree Program ( Inti International College Subang) Science & Engineering.

Scored Distinction in SPM Chinese Language. 

Full 1 year teaching experience in coaching student from IGCSE(2 cases) and IB syllabus( 1 case)

Teaching Location